Welcome to the Democratic Principality of Khollam!

The New Principality of Khollam was officially declared independent on the 2nd of May 1991, and has been a recognized democratic state since 1998.

Khollam has a rich history, and the land is considered home to some of the world's most ancient civilizations. Dure to the strategic geographical location of Khollam, many empires have taken over the land, including the Ottomans, the British, and the Soviet Union. Now independent, Khollam is lead by Prince Nikkos Kholkhati Ammel III, President Jorma Bacz, and His Holiness Saba Rharha. For more information on the leaders of Khollam, please visit Six Figures of leadership.


In 2018, since the rise to power of these powerful leaders, Khollam has held a sweep of anti-corruption persecutions, purging out false loyalty. The anti-corruption movements was bolstered by the student rebellion of 2017, as well as the work of anonymous street artist Malkaczi (shine a light on/reveal). Malkaczi interacts with the advertisements the surround Khollam, exposing the ruling economic class, and leaving behind commentary for all people to witness. For more of Malkaczi's work, please visit Billboards

To learn more about the Khollam project, refer to the "About" section, and follow up for more updates.